Top 10 The hottest weather forecast

Top 10 The hottest weather forecast

In recent years, the press have learned that an audience speaker of the weather prediction is the sexiest. Either the amount of users in Instagram determined the attractiveness of the women by voting.

Now 10 of the most appealing and sexy Telegu have been summarized and described. Included among the world's top women. What are the rulers of this tropical country–Mexico, Colombia, Argentina–worth mentioning. Instagram website usually packed with women from North and South America "warm" photos: –Girls posing in bathrobes and wearers.

10 of the world's sexy leading climate in our compilation.

Top ten The hottest forecast of the weather

1.Lluvia Carrillo, Mexico

Lluvia Quetzalli

Carrillo Rivera Lluvia Quetzalli is a Mexican reporter and model. She has a degree in sociology and a journalism career as a daily TV presenter and weather journalist.

2.Maite, Carranco, Mexico

Mayte Carranco

Model and television reporter recognized as Miss Televisa Monterrey as a weather kid and the recipient of the beauty contest.

3.Saul Perez, Argentina

Saul Perez

4.Magda, Palimaru, Romania

Magda Palimariu

5.Gaby Lozoya, Mexico

Gaby Lozoya

6.Mary Gamarra, USA

Mary Gamarra

7.Jackie Guerrido, USA

Jackie Guerrido

8.Janet Garcia, Mexico

Janet Garcia

9.Ariana Brodie, France

Ariana Brodie

10.Ximena Cordoba, Colombia

Ximena Cordoba

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