Top 10 Most Of Hottest Cosplay Girls of all Times

Top 10 Most Of Hottest Cosplay Girls of all Times

Hottest Cosplay Girls of all times, so many lovely women, video games and films. Make our fantasy come true. Here's a list of some of the warmest and nerdy women.

1. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Country- Philippines
Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia is one of the most famous and famous cosplayers ever, if its 6 million Facebook supporters are a hint. From the age of five, she began cosplaying. She is also an actress, a singer and a model besides being a good cosplayer.

2. Jessica Nigri

Country- New Zealand/USA
Jessica Nigri

Jessica has nearly 5 million followers on Facebook as a cosplayer with its own Wikipedia page. In 2009, she began to cosplay, where her avatar 'Sexy Pikachu' became massively viral at the Comic Con case in San Diego.

3. Yaya Han

Country- China
Yaya Han

Yaya was featured by Syfy in "Heroes of Cosplay"and was invited to judge" The Nerds ' King "at CBS as well. She's got her own website to sell her clothes.

4. Linda Le

Country- USA
Linda Le

Linda Le is an US cosplayer, designer, makingup artist and hair artist from Los Angeles, popularly known as Vampybitme. Her first notoriety came when she showcases some of her appearances in the Otacool 2 book.

5. LeeAnna Vamp

Country- USA
LeeAnna Vamp

LeeAnna has been in the cosplaying sector for about 7 years now, also known as Vamptress. She defined her style as ' Metal, ' and she makes wonderful costumes apart from attending conferences.

6. Luna Lanie

Country- USA
Luna Lanie

As a young Jessica Negri, she is often named. Her latest Vampire version of superhero Vampirella earned her a lot of fans. At present she is building fan Patreon content.

7. Riddle

Country- Canada

The world of cosplaying was launched at an early age to Riki LeCotey. She moved to the United States to follow her dream of dress design and has only grown since then as an artist. Besides being a co-player, she operates in films as a good dress designer.

8. Nicole Marie Jean

Country- USA
Nicole Marie Jean

Nicole's Lady Bane costume you must have come across, which until now had been one of her most common sex-bending outfits. She has developed incredibly details of the lady's versions of personalities such as Spiderman, Cable and Shao Kahn.

9. Stella Chuu

Country- USA
Stella Chuu

She is an global cosplayer and a New York burlesque artist. She's renowned for her DIY cosplays, Devil Homura, Ivy Valentine and Master Yi being the most remarkable.

10. Monika Lee

Country- USA
Monika Lee

At a very young era of 13, she joined the universe of cosplaying. She sees herself as an eager spokesperson and several of her cosplays demonstrate that. She also entered the cast of the ' Heroes of Cosplay ' reality television show in 2013.

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